See More, Be More: How Infosys Is Helping The Sport Of Tennis

Information technology company uses ATP to show how it can help customers embark on a “transformative digital journey.” Sponsorship activity in the business technology category shows no signs of slowing down. Following in the footsteps of IBM Corp, SAP and other companies, Infosys is using technology to bring sports fans closer to their favorite passions.

The India-based business consulting and technology company in 2015 signed a three-year partnership with the ATP World Tour that affords status as global technology services partner and platinum sponsor of the ATP World Tour and season-ending Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.


The goal of the sponsorship: use technology (mobile, cloud, analytics, etc.) to reimagine the game of tennis by accessing, managing and interpreting massive amounts of data (both historical and current) to offer insights and predictions for fans, players, coaches, sponsors, tournaments and other stakeholders.

Infosys shares the insights via “Beyond the Numbers” and other platforms on “Beyond the Numbers” offers information on which players bounce back best after having their serve broken, how the best players play more points on return than on their serve and other insights culled from 25 years of ATP data.

Looking to provide even more insights, Infosys last week rolled out real-time analysis around the 2016 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.


Infosys uses the partnership as a case study for clients and prospects across retail, telecommunications, energy and other vertical market segments.

“We look for data that’s not so obvious, and we serve it up to stakeholders in ways they never imagined. It’s a big story we’re telling, and so far we’re seeing tremendous success,” said Mohamed Anis, Infosys head of energy & services, Europe.

In a recent blog titled “What the ATP Taught Me About Business-A Journey of Leveraging Technology for Tennis,” Anis shares a four-step approach to digital transformation not only for the game of tennis, but any enterprise customer looking to embark on a digital transformation.

Click here to learn how companies can embark on a digital transformation using tennis as the underlying theme.

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